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Adopting Secularism in Government is Apostasy from Islam

The following is a translation of an old leaflet but is still useful and applicable today.

Najmuddine Arbakan, president of the so called Islamic Welfare (Rafah) party, was appointed on Friday 12th Safar 1417 A.H./ 28th June 1996 to the office of Prime Minister of Turkey, in a coalition with the woman Tansu Chiller, president of the "True Path" party, which is a secular, non religious party. This occurred in the wake of a deal which had been concluded between them in the following manner:

1- The Prime Ministerial post will be held alternately between them, on condition that Arbakan resumes the post for the first two years, to be succeeded by Chiller for the last two years of the four-year term.

2- Chiller will be the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister during the period of Arbakan's term in office.

3- Chiller's party will hold the most important ministerial portfolios in the Turkish state, these are: Foreign affairs, defence, home affairs, finance, economy and education.

This is as far as the formation of the government is concerned. As for the policy of this government, the following has been agreed:

1- The adherence to the country's secular constitution and to the democratic and secular principles of Ataturk. This implies maintaining the status quo of the Turkish state as a non religious state, distanced from anything that has any link with Islam.

2- Turkey must remain as part of the western disbelieving world, rather than the eastern Islamic world. She must also protect her strong ties with the west and aim at extending and strengthening them.

3- Turkey must retain her membership of Nato.

4- She must honour all the international agreements and treaties she had signed with all other countries, including the military agreement she recently signed with the Jewish state.

5- Turkey must maintain the market economy and the free trade policy adopted by former governments, and abide by the GATT agreement.

6- The government promises to pursue the efforts aimed at enabling Turkey to join The European Union.

7- The government promises to refer to the military institution and seek their opinion in the various issues.

These are the major points which have been agreed upon between Arbakan and Chiller in forming a coalition government between them. The points agreed had been revealed in the speech delivered by Arbakan during the ceremonial held to introduce the members of his government. He mentioned in his speech that his government would "respect the secular constitution of the country, as well as the democratic and secular principles of Ataturk." That it would "honour all the international agreements and treaties which Turkey had signed. However, it would not implement the clauses which may jeopardise the national security." He also added in his speech that his government "would endeavour to broaden the relations of cooperation with the west, the Islamic countries, the Central Asia and the Balkan countries." He also promised to pursue the efforts aimed at enabling Turkey to join the European Union, which Turkey had applied for its membership since 1987. He also promised to honour the GATT agreement which came into effect last December. He also outlined that he would maintain the free trade policy of his predecessors by saying: The aim of our government is to generate all the conditions which help implement a free trade.

If one were to look into this deal which was concluded between Arbakan and Chiller, he would conceive from the onset that Chiller fared better and that Arbakan turned out to be the biggest loser. He would also conceive that by holding all the important portfolios in the state, Chiller and her party will be the designers of the foreign, domestic, defence, financial, economic and educational policies, and that the role of Arbakan and his party will merely be restricted to endorsing the state policies designed by Chiller and her party.

This is so because the adoption of the Ataturk secularism and the former free trade policy, upholding the membership of Nato and keeping Turkey as part of the western world is in fact the implementation of all what Chiller and her non religious party adopt. As for Arbakan and his party, which is described as Islamic, he will be a tool and a mount used to implement this non religious secularism, and to implement the systems of disbelief and cast away all that is related to Islam.

All the clauses mentioned in the deal are not related to Islam and they have no close nor distant link with Islam whatsoever. Hence to take part in such a government would be forbidden under Sharia'a rules, for it would be a participation in a disbelieving , republican and democratic system contrary to the form of rule in Islam, for the form of rule in Islam is the Khilafah system, and the Khalifa is the head of state, who enjoys all the mandatory powers of rule. He appoints Delegated Assistants to help him shoulder the burdens of government. The sovereignty in the Islamic state is to the Sharia'a. Hence Allah (SWT) is the Ruler and the Legislator, and none of this is to be found in this democratic and republican system. On the other hand, the acceptance of Arbakan to allow a woman to share power with him is contradictory to the Sharia'a rule, for it is forbidden for a woman to be a ruler. Bukhari reported on the authority of Abu Bakrah, The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: People who appoint a woman to rule over them shall not succeed.

This is as far as the formation of the government is concerned. As for the policy of this government:

First: The adherence to the country's secular constitution, the democratic and the Ataturkish secular principles is an adherence to the thoughts of disbelief and to the systems of disbelief. The constitution of the Turkish state is a secular non religious constitution that comprises no Islam whatsoever. It was drafted by the disbeliever Ataturk, who was of Jewish origin, after he conspired with the British, the head of disbelief, to destroy the Khilafah, abolish the Islamic system and declare the republican democratic system. Hence to adhere to such a constitution and such a system is an act of disbelief without any shade of a doubt, and it is an apostasy from Islam. Allah (SWT) has described those who adhere to the implementation of such a constitution and such a system as disbelievers. He (SWT) says: [5- 44] T.M.Q. "And whoever rules by other than what Allah has revealed, they are the disbelievers." Therefore, it is forbidden for any Muslim anywhere in the world to adhere to a secular non religious constitution, such as the Turkish constitution, to implement it and rule by it.

Second: To consider Turkey as being part of the disbelieving west, rather than the Islamic east is totally contradictory to the Sharia'a rule, for Allah (SWT) has forbidden the Muslims from taking the disbelievers as allies and friends instead of the believers. Allah (SWT) says: [4 -144] T.M.Q. "O you who believe do not take the disbelievers as allies instead of the believers."
He (SWT) also said: [3-28] T.M.Q. "Let not the believers take for friends the disbelievers rather than believers. Those who do so shall receive no help from Allah." Allah (SWT) has also forbidden them from taking the Jews and the Christians as allies and friends and explained that he who does take them as such would be one of them. He (SWT) says: [5-51] T.M.Q."O you who believe do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies, for they are allies to each other, and those of you who turn to them for protection and friendship shall be of them." Therefore, it is forbidden to consider Turkey as being a western disbelieving country, to seek alliance with the disbelieving westerners and abandon her allegiance to Islam and her belonging to the Islamic world, while the Muslims represent 95% of her citizens.

Third: It is forbidden under the Sharia'a rule for Turkey to retain her membership of Nato, which implies that the Turkish armed forces remain part of the Nato countries' armed forces, under the command of Nato and fighting in defence of the disbelieving countries and their systems, with the Nato military bases established in the land of the Islamic Turkey. This is so because the Muslim is forbidden from fighting for other than Islam, Muslims and Islamic land. He is also forbidden from fighting for disbelief and disbelievers, unless they happen to be from the people of "Thimmah" (i.e. people of the Book living in the Islamic state). The Muslim is also forbidden from fighting except under an Islamic banner and Islamic leadership. He is forbidden from fighting under a banner of disbelief and a leadership of disbelief. It is forbidden for military bases belonging to armies of disbelief to be established over Islamic land; because all this would give the disbelievers authority over the Islamic armed forces, the Muslims and the Islamic land. Allah (SWT) has prohibited the Muslims from allowing the disbelievers to have authority over the Muslims or over their land. He (SWT) says: [4 -141] T.M.Q. " And never will Allah grant the disbelievers authority over the believers."

Fourth: It is forbidden under Sharia'a rules to uphold all the existing international agreements and treaties, because most, if not all of them are contradictory to Sharia'a rules, whether these were military, security, economic or cultural; they are all contradictory to the Sharia'a rules and must be scrapped. The agreements with Nato are used against the Muslims and give the disbelievers authority over them. Also, the military agreement with the Jews is an agreement with a usurping disbelieving enemy, directed against the Muslims. The economic agreements are all based on the capitalist system, which is a system of disbelief, built on the freedom of ownership, usury and monopoly. It contradicts all the economic rules of Islam, whether these were related to the economic policy, or the economic problem, or the viewpoint about capital, or the ownership and its types, or the way of disposing of such ownership, or the means of ownership, or capital investment and the way to spend it , or the rules of land, or other Sharia'a rules.

The cultural agreements are used by the disbelievers as a bridgehead from which they launch their colonialist intellectual invasion, and spread the western thoughts and concepts, while fighting the Islamic rules and thoughts, lest the Muslim develops an Islamic mentality and an Islamic disposition, except those whom Allah (SWT) protected.

Fifth: The promise to pursue the efforts in order to secure Turkey's membership to the European Union contradicts the rules of Islam, for the Muslims are but one Ummah to the exclusion of all other people. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said in the document which he drafted after his emigration to Madinah: "This is a document from Mohammed the Prophet governing the relations between the believers and the Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib, and those who followed them, joined them and performed Jihad alongside them, that they are one single Ummah to the exclusion of all other people." The Muslims must live as one unit, in one state and in one single entity. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was reported by Muslim to have said: "If a pledge of allegiance has been taken for two Khalifas, kill the latter of them." Muslim and Bukhari reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Fulfil allegiance to them one after the other." It is forbidden for the Muslims to live in separate entities or in federal entities. The more reason they are forbidden from being in federation with disbelieving countries, for this would be regarded as a support to the disbelievers instead of the believers; Allah (SWT) has forbidden the believers from supporting the disbelievers and from taking them as allies instead of the believers. He (SWT) said: [ 3 - 28 ] T.M.Q. "Let not the believers take for friends the disbelievers rather than the believers."

After this clarification, the scale of the crime which Arbakan perpetrated against himself, his party, Islam and the Muslims becomes apparent. It is also a crime perpetrated against the sincere people from amongst the Da'awah carriers, who work towards establishing the Khilafah and restore the rule by what Allah (SWT) has revealed. Arbakan has given a bad and a repugnant example of he who introduces himself to the Muslims in the name of Islam; he then soon turns on his heels, abandoning Islam, adopting disbelief and working towards its implementation the moment he is given a position or a high rank. Instead of working for the return of the Khilafah to Istanbul and restoring the rule by what Allah (SWT) has revealed, Arbakan placed himself in the hands of Satan, and accepted to be an exploited tool in the hands of the Turkish military institution, who holds the reins of power in Turkey, and whom Ataturk, the disbeliever of Jewish origin, had turned into a fortress in order to protect the non religious secularism, and in order to prevent the return of the Khilafah and the restoration of the rule by what Allah (SWT) has revealed. He also accepted to be a tool in the hands of Chiller and her secular non religious party.

Arbakan has been struck by the temptation of prestige and power.

This temptation has revealed his true nature, the falsehood of his belief, his use of Islam as a means for achieving personal gains, his riding of other people to achieve his personal ambitions, his opportunism, and the desolation of his disposition. Hence he lost his wordly life and his hereafter; that is the loss for all to see. Allah (SWT) says: [22- 11] T.M.Q. "There are those among people who worship Allah as it were on the verge, if good befalls them they are well content, but if a trial comes to them, they turn on their faces. They lose both this world and the hereafter: That is loss for all to see."

As for the loss of Arbakan in this life, it will occur when he executes all what the seculars demand of him, and then they will throw him in the middle of the road, without any regret or sympathy for him. This will not take long. As for his loss in the hereafter, this will occur when he is thrown in hell fire for his apostasy and deviation from the Deen of Allah.

O Muslims, you ought to be vigilant and aware of the rules of Islam, capable of distinguishing between the Sharia'a rules and the rules of disbelief lest you are deceived by what is presented to you in the name of Islam, or by he who presents himself to you in the name of working for Islam, wearing its cloak and carrying its slogans, while in fact carrying from Islam nothing but the name. He proceeds in accordance with reality and accepts it; he interprets the rules of Islam to make them in conformity with the wretched and corrupt reality, hence he finds for himself a justification to cooperate with the disbelieving or rebellious or wrongdoing rulers, who rule by other than what Allah (SWT) revealed and those who appointed themselves in order to fight the Deen of Allah and the sincere carriers of its Message. They exert themselves to establish disbelief, its rules and its immoralities in the Islamic countries, thus executing the orders of their masters from among the disbelieving colonialists, who are these days launching an undeclared crusade against Islam and Muslims under the banner of fighting terrorism and extremism.

Those who use Islam as a means to achieving personal ambitions, claim that their participation in the governments of the disbelieving regimes is merely in service to Islam and the Muslims and in an attempt at reform, or so they say. In fact, this action of their is but a fight against Islam and a consolidation of the disbelieving, or rebellious or wrongdoing rulers, as well as a prolongation of the life of their corruption and evils. Islam is the Deen of the steadfast stands and firmness with the Truth, it is a Deen that knows no opportunism, or machiavellianism, or fickleness, or compromises. It is a Deen of openness, frankness and perseverance with the Truth. He who conducts himself in this manner, would be considered the truthful and sincere Muslim, otherwise, he would be the lying pretender.

We call upon you Muslims to distinguish between the sincere and trustworthy activists and the lying pretenders. We call upon you with sincerity, to gather around the believing, sincere and aware group, in order to work with it to establish the Khilafah and to restore the rule by what Allah has revealed. Allah's will shall prevail despite the apostates, the traitors and the liars. Allah (SWT) says: [9-32] T.M.Q. "They wish to extinguish the Light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah would not allow but that His Light to be perfected, even though the disbelievers may detest it." Muslim reported on the authority of Thooban that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: Truly Allah has showed me the earth, so I saw its east and its west, and the authority of my Ummah shall reach what was showed to me of it."

17th Safar 1417 A.H.
3rd July 1996

Lal Masjid & Pakistan

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Will America Attack Pakistan?


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Abu Ismael al-Beirawi : The Dar Paradigm and Identity

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Blog: Abu Ismael al-Beirawi
Post: The Dar Paradigm and Identity

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ইসলামী আলোচনা ১১ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ১০ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৯ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৮ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৭ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯] 

সঠিক ইসলামী দল করার অপরিহার্যতা [ইসলামী আলোচনা]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৬ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৫ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

আল্লাহর অস্তিত্ত্বের বুদ্ধিবৃত্তিক প্রমাণ

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৪ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ৩ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ২ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]

ইসলামী আলোচনা ১ - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব খান [রমজান ২০০৯]
ইসলাম ও তারুণ্য - শেখ ওমর রাসেল

খিলাফত এর প্রত্যাবর্তন - রজব তথ্যচিত্র
ইউরোপের বিভিন্ন পত্রিকায় রাসূলুল্লাহ (সা)-এর প্রতি ব্যাঙ্গাত্মক কার্টুন প্রকাশের প্রতিবাদে বিশ্বব্যাপি মুসলিমদের বিক্ষোভ
মুসলিম উম্মাহ সর্বশ্রেষ্ট জাতি - আল্লামা আবদুর রাকীব
মুসলিম উম্মতের প্রতি এক আর্তনাদ: আর কতদিন?



Here are some of the political analysis on various international issues. Some of the Posts are in Bengali and in image (JPEG) format.

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একমাত্র ইসলামই দিয়েছে ‌'নারীর সম্মান, মর্যাদা ও অধিকার’

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Seeking our rights under a non-Islamic system

Question: Is it permitted for us to seek our rights under a non-Islamic system, for example are we allowed to go through the courts under a Kufr system? If so, what are the conditions for this.


1. The person has the right to demand for his right and to demand for removing the injustice away from him and to defend himself by proving his right and removing the injustice away from him. He has the right to delegate another person (such as a solicitor) to do that on his behalf.

2. Such right has to be approved by the Shar’a but not by the man-made law, and similarly the zulm (injustice) has to be proved likewise. Had a Muslim sold some alcohol and the purchaser did not pay him the price, this price would not be considered a right for the Muslim. Therefore it is wrong to demand of it, though it is (his) right according to the man-made law. Similarly if an insurance company did not pay to the insurer for an accident, i.e. did not compensate him and dealt with him unjustly, this would not be considered an unjust act falling on the insurer because shar’a does not approve of the insurance companies. Therefore it is wrong to make a claim for removing this zulm away from him and demand fair compensation. This rule applies to any similar cases.

3. It is haram upon the Muslim to make a court case demanding a right not proved by Shar’a. Nor to demand the removal of a zulm from him if not proved by the shar’a. Likewise the solicitor is not allowed to accept a case demanding a right or removing a zulm on behalf of his client if such right or zulm is not proved by the shar’a. Therefore, the trial made by a Muslim or his solicitor through presenting false evidence or using clever language and the like to obtain a right depending in that on man-made law or illegal means, all that is a crime in the view of Islam: and possessing a right through this way is possessing a piece of fire, as it comes in the Hadith.

Any defence presented by a Muslim or the solicitor that includes praise of the man-made law or its fairness or its legislator, all that involves such person doing so in sin, for all the man-made laws (other than the law of Allah) are invalid and oppressive (zaalim). The only thing allowed for the Muslim and the lawyer is to present the proofs, evidences and the arguments to support his rights and remove the zulm from him and defending himself, all this should be according to the truth (haqq) that Allah obliged.

4. Demanding of a right or removing a zulm away or the defense of a person or his solicitor to prove the right, remove away the zulm and providing the evidence and arguments in this regard as long as the Shar’a obliges such right and removing away of such zulm, all that is allowed in dar-al-Islam and in dar-ul-kufr due to the following evidences:

a. The texts that came regarding the defense of oneself, the property and the honour to the point of death (martyrdom), indicates the agreement (by mentioning the higher thus allowing the lower) on defending the right and proving it with the evidences and arguments and all the legal means. These texts have not been limited to dar-al-Islam to the exclusion of dar-al-kufr. So, these texts are used for both lands (dars).

b. The defense of the Muslims in Abyssinia of themselves before the Negus so as to not to hand them to the delegates of Quraish, and also proving the zulm of Quraish to them, and that they (the Muslims) were on the truth (haqq) and the delegates of Quraish were on falsehood.

c. The consent of the Messenger (saw) to the Muslims to live in Makkah, that is those who did not emigrate to Dar-al-Islam in Al-Madinah before the conquest of Makkah. This consent indicates by implication (iqtida’a) that it is allowed for them to demand their rights and to remove the zulm away from them; for this is what is required (necessary) by living in any society.

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These are various articles that covers the discussion of different concept...

ইসলামে আরবী ভাষা, এর গুরুত্ব ও উম্মতের পুনর্জাগরণে এর ভূমিকা

বর্তমান বিশ্বে বিদ্যমান মতাদর্শ সমূহ

চিন্তা ও চিন্তার পদ্ধতি

দারুল ইসলাম ও দারুল কুফর

রাসূলুল্লাহ্‌ (সাঃ) কে প্রেরণের উদ্দেশ্য

তিহাত্তর ফিরকা সংক্রান্ত হাদীসসমূহের অর্থ

সমাজ ও এর উপাদানসমূহ

সুন্নত এর প্রকৃত অর্থ

জিহাদ নিয়ে বিভিন্ন বিভ্রান্তি ও এর জবাব

আল কুরআনের সংজ্ঞা

Ideology (মতাদর্শ)

রমজান ও ঐক্য

মুসলিম উম্মাহর ঐক্য




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Q&A: Going to cinema & watching licentious films?

Q&A: Going to cinema & watching licentious films?

The following is a draft translation from Arabic.

Question: Is it allowed to go to the cinema and watch ordinary films? Is it allowed to watch sexy licentious films, knowing that it is watching pictures and not real bodies? What is our duty towards the Muslim who watches such films: do we order and forbid him, or leave him to do what he wants?

Answer: It is allowed to go to the cinema to watch serious beneficial films, on condition that the rows of women in the hall should be separated from those of the men. This would be similar to attending a lecture or a seminar, it is allowed to do that, on condition of separating the rows of men from those of women.

But this -which is allowed- with the mentioned conditions, is better to be abandoned, so that the eye would not fall upon the private parts of some women who are present in the hall, and so that the ear would not hear un-correct voices from the audience in the hall. Watching sexy dissolute films is not allowed, even if they were pictures and not real bodies, because the Shariah principle -in this subject- is that
الوسيلة إلى الحرام حرام "the means to Haram is Haram", it is not a condition for the means to lead necessarily to what is Haram, but to be probable is enough.
These films generally lead those who watch them to what is Haram, so the principle applies to such films. That is why it is not allowed to watch or buy them.

As for how should the Shabab behave towards the Muslims who watch such films; most of those who watch such films are low people who do not listen to orders or demands, except for a few who have the mercy of Allah. Yet, if the Shabab could find a strong, preventive and rational method, let them use it. Maybe the person who asked the question means some of his relatives, for whom he feels sad to be in this sick behavior, then he should drive them away from such a behavior -if this is the case- he must order and forbid them, and choose the correct method, hoping that Allah will guide them to the correct path, and he will be rewarded for that, by the will of Allah.

Today, the Muslims are surrounded by miseries from all sides, because of the absence of the Khilafah, a Muslim should not have time for the allowed amusement, so how is it if he spends his time in what is not allowed, Allah forbids? Oh brothers, it is your duty to direct the Muslims strongly but wisely, in order to fill their time by doing good things, by working and persevering to re-establish the Khilafah, and rescue the Ummah from these miseries .

By Sheikh Ata ibn Khaleel Abu al-Rashta

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Aqeeda (Belief)

The following articles by various authors are related to the Islamic Aqeeda (Belief):

Tawaqqul - Reliance upon Allah